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About Us

The Institute for Career Advising & Development (ICAD) empowers individuals to support students and adults in finding, refining, and continuing to create their best-fit career pathway.

Our History

ICAD operates as a division of Kuder, Inc., a leading PK-20 college and career readiness solutions provider. As a result of growing professional development programming success, ICAD was created as a standalone provider of exemplary career advisor training opportunities, building upon 25+ years of experience.


Today, the ICAD team offers a large variety of professional learning course modules and delivery formats to support advisors across numerous industries with proven career development practices.

Industry Recognition

ICAD is proud to be celebrated as an industry leader in professional development and career advising.

Course Contributors

Meet our team of professional learning experts! Each of these individuals contributes to the everyday success and growth of ICAD by informing our course content and administering sessions in a live environment.

The Career Advisor Training course was originally developed by Dr. JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey. Dr. Harris-Bowlsbey has received international recognition for her decades of work in the field of career development. Her research, knowledge, and insights serve as the base of the Career Advisor Training course, and her work in the field has shaped the future of career advising and development throughout the world.

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