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Take a deep dive into one or several career advising topics with our micro-credential courses that offer asynchronous enrollment to always accommodate your schedule.

ICAD Micro_Assessment and Career Planning_Icon_edited.png

& Career Planning

 Addresses types of assessments used in career planning and provides guidance on preparation
and interpretation. 

ICAD Micro_Information in Career Planning_Icon.png

Information in 
Career Planning

Teaches the career planning process and the wealth of information that supports it to assist clients in making educated career choices.

ICAD Micro_Using Technology in Career Planning_Icon.png

Using Technology
in Career Planning

Addresses the role of technology in career planning and examines the multitude of types that can be leveraged. 

Career Development
& Choice Theory

ICAD Micro_Career Development and Choice Theory_Icon.png

Reviews the foundational theories in the field of
career development to maximize your impact.  

Ethical Considerations 
in Career Advising

ICAD Micro_Ethical Guidelines_Icon.png

Addresses the vital role ethics play in career advising by reviewing case studies
and more to effectively work with clients. 

 Employability Skills
in Career Advising

ICAD Micro_Employability Skills_Icon.png

Reviews job-search strategies and documents to share with job seekers, including resume and cover letter creation.

ICAD Micro_Helping Skills_Icon.png


Covers the foundational topic of helping skills essential for forming and maintaining relationships with  clients. 

ICAD Micro_Working with Groups_Icon.png

Conducting Effective
Group Work

 Covers how to effectively lead group career advising sessions. These skills are essential for maximizing your reach as a career advisor. 

ICAD Micro_Program Planning_Icon.png

Program Planning
in Career Advising

Teaches you how to effectively plan, deliver, and evaluate career development programs to use with clients. 


“There are so many valuable things that I have learned from this course that I will be taking with me into not just my work life, but into my daily life.”

Private Cohort Participant
Federal Bureau of Prisons

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