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ICAD Established to Move Careers Forward

March 12, 2024 ADEL, IOWA – March 12, 2024Today marks a significant milestone as Kuder, Inc. proudly unveils the Institute for Career Advising & Development (ICAD), a groundbreaking division poised to revolutionize professional learning in career advising.

"Our launch of ICAD signifies our unwavering commitment to providing accessible and innovative learning experiences for career advisors and professionals," stated Connor Harrington, CEO of Kuder. "This initiative expands our offerings to cater to diverse learning preferences, ensuring vital educational opportunities for all professionals, regardless of their utilization of Kuder's products."

ICAD stands at the forefront of professional development, offering a diverse array of courses covering the spectrum of career development theories, research, and practical applications. These meticulously curated courses empower professionals with effective strategies to elevate their perspective, delivery, and expertise in career advising.

Individuals can now choose from 11 distinct courses offered in various formats, including micro-credentials and comprehensive credentialing programs. All ICAD courses are designed to be asynchronous and self-paced, providing flexibility to accommodate busy schedules. Additionally, ICAD collaborates with organizations to deliver private cohort programs, catering to larger groups simultaneously.

Participants in ICAD courses have the opportunity to earn continuing education credits, digital badges, and professional credentials. Notably, completion of ICAD's Career Advisor Training: Advanced credential opens avenues for participants to pursue the Certified Career Advisor designation through the International Association of Career Advisors (IACA).

Dr. Kim Oppelt, Kuder's Vice President of Career Development and contributor for ICAD, emphasized the significance of advancing professional practice in the evolving field of career advising. "ICAD not only offers relevant and timely content but also delivers it in an innovative, self-paced manner to cater to the diverse needs of learners," Dr. Oppelt remarked.

As the industry continues to evolve, ICAD remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge instruction on emerging topics. The institute's commitment to ongoing updates and new course offerings ensures that professionals stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic field of career advising.

About ICAD

The Institute for Career Advising & Development ( is dedicated to supporting career counselors and advisors worldwide with accessible resources and dynamic asynchronous courses designed to yield tangible results.

About Kuder

With a rich legacy spanning 85 years and 25 years of experience, Kuder ( is a trusted provider of career and workforce development systems. Millions worldwide rely on Kuder for high-quality products and unparalleled service.


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